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A Finish Health-Tech startup with domain knowledge and local partnerships in Asia & Africa, our competitive advantage lies in our ability to understand the unique challenges and needs of the local healthcare landscape and to leverage our partnerships to gain access to resources, networks, and knowledge that are critical to success in the market.


This allows us to design and develop solutions tailored to the local population's specific needs while navigating the complex regulatory environment and building trust with key stakeholders. Ultimately, our domain knowledge and local partnerships enable us to create value for our customers and stakeholders and to build a sustainable and competitive business in the Health-Tech space.


Excellent Medical Services


We significantly reduce response time and improve patient outcomes through the use of ai-powered systems, state-of-the-art video conferencing and telemedicine.

Remote Monitoring

Elevate patient care to new heights with our innovative remote monitoring platform, empowering healthcare providers to remotely track, analyze, and optimize patient health outcome.

Cross Border Checkups

We offer outdoor services can provide convenient and accessible healthcare options to individuals by utilizing mobile clinics, telemedicine, and AI-powered diagnosis tools.

Ambulance Service

Smart ambulance services can provide prompt and effective emergency medical care by leveraging GPS-enabled vehicles, telemedicine, and advanced life support systems.

Medicine & Pharmacy

Improved medication adherence and simplified prescription refill process using digital platforms, automated prescription reminders, and home delivery options.

Clinical Testing

Clinical test services can facilitate early disease detection and personalized treatment plans by utilizing advanced diagnostic tools, big data analytics, and AI-powered algorithms.

The platform provides a range of healthcare services, including remote consultations, diagnoses, prescriptions, and follow-up appointments. Patients can access the platform using their smartphones, laptops, or tablets, and can connect with healthcare professionals in real-time or through messaging.

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Bridging the gap between patients and Health Services digitally.

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